HERO Magazine was an American glossy men's magazine co-founded in 1997 by Sam Jensen Page and Paul Horne that rode the wave of the "mainstreaming" of gay culture. It published the first automotive column in a national gay magazine, the first gay man's wedding guide, etc. Like a gay man's Oprah Winfrey, HERO turned away from the "sex sells" attitude of other gay publications, and did not accept adult or tobacco advertising. The magazine was also more inclusive of couples and men over 40 than other magazines at the time. HERO was called "One of the ten most notable launches of 1998" by magazine expert Samir Husni, alongside well-funded, mainstream titles like Code, eBay, and Talk. After fast growth in its first 3 years, the magazine's financial backing was frozen after September 11, 2001, and the publication was forced to cease operations in January 2002.

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