HARDtv is a Canadian English language category 2 digital cable subscription based specialty channel. It is a LGBT adult entertainment television channel, with programming consisting mainly of adult films and adult-related television series.

HARDtv's licensee is 6166954 Canada Inc. which is 51% owned by Shavick Entertainment, 21.43% owned by Pink Triangle Press, 15% owned by Peace Point Entertainment Group, 8.41% owned by Score Media Inc. and 4.16% owned by various other investors.

History Edit

As HARD on PrideVisionEdit

HARDtv was licensed by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) on March 4, 2005 as 617 as a result of the current majority owner at the time, William Craig, wanting to split PrideVision off into 2 separate channels after acquiring PrideVision from Headline Media Group Inc. Plans were, that 617 would take over the adult content programming of PrideVision, while PrideVision will remove all adult content and rebrand as OUTtv. This split was done in order to secure better cable distribution for the general interest programming because cable distributors were often offering PrideVision as a standalone channel at a price much higher than other category 1 status channels because of PrideVision's adult content. The expected launch date was set to April 7 2005, but the new channel went on the air on April 12 due to difficulties with digital cable and satellite providers. The new adult service launched as HARD on PrideVision which was a continuation of the name from PrideVision in which it was borrowed.

See OUTtv article for further information on the re-branding situation.

On July 2006, Shavick Entertainment announced an intent to purchase a majority stake in HARD on PrideVision and OUTtv. As well, under the plan, Pink Triangle Press' and Peace Point Entertainment's shares will both increase.

As HARDtv Edit

In November 2006, under new ownership, HARD on PrideVision was renamed HARDtv.

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