Chinese Qing Code of 1740 Edit

In May, 1740, China passes the Qing Code of 1740 against male rape and sodomy. It is the first law of its kind in China. There are no records to prove that the authorities enforce this law. [1] The Qing code of 1740 makes the rape of boys under 12 a capital crime, and penalizes homosexuality with 100 strokes of the heavy bamboo, and the wearing of the cangue for one month.[2]

Influence of European Christian Missionaries in China Edit

Matteo Ricci travels to China in the 16th-Century to convert the Chinese to Christianity. The Russian Orthodox Christians introduce their religion to the Chinese in 1715. Christianity leads to hatred of homosexuals. It is in the Christian Bible, the Leviticus 20:13 states that the Christians encourage the mass murder of homosexuals. [3] Christians influence the Chinese to criminalize homosexuality. The Yongzheng Emperor rules China from 1722 until 1735. Yongzheng suppresses Christianity in China. [4] After Yongzheng, Western and Christian influence returns to China. The Society of Jesus travels to China. The Chinese to criminalize homosexuality under the Qing Code of 1740. [5]

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