Great Garlic Girls is a Norwegian drag group that has performed a number of drag shows since 1981. Up until 1992, the group consisted of Olav Klingen, Jonnny Nymoen and Terje Schrøder. Olav Klingen had to quit the group in 1992 when he was involved in an accident which put a stop to his career. The two others are still active in the group, with Dean Erik Andersen as the third of the group's drag queens. Former members include Kåre Jonny (Cårejonni) Enderud and Geir Lillejord. Simen Sand has since the beginning been the choreographer for the Great Garlic Girls.

The group has toured Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, the Faroes and Iceland, and has been part of TV-shows in Norway and Denmark. The group delivered Norway's Festival Rose d'Or contribution in 1987.

The Great Garlic Girls reached number one on the Italian charts in 2006, with the song "High Energy". High Energy was also the name of the group's show in 2003.

The group's management was earlier Taran Management, but today the group is represented by Nama Management.

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  • Queentastic - Dean Erik Andersen and Geir Lillejord
  • Romeo (song) - The Norwegian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 1986 - the dancers were Olav Klingen and Jonny Nymoen

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