Template:Infobox Company is a social networking site that is geared toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans communities. The name GLEE is an acronym for "Gay, Lesbian and Everyone Else". The site was launched in February 2007 by Community Connect Inc.

Community Connect operates several niche market social networking sites and GLEE is their latest venture. As with their other social network sites, GLEE is modeled after the popular MySpace and Facebook offering many of the same features.

Currently is available only in the English language and is focused on the North American market (though not exclusively) with approximately 86% of its users in the United States.[1]


The site is free to users, generating revenues through advertising. Users register and create profiles, which can include a variety of layout themes for profiles, users also have the option of custom designing a profile layout. Typically, profiles might include uploaded photo albums, music players, lists of interests and friends list. Other features include blog hosting,video hosting, groups, style and news sections, and community bulletin boards covering a variety of issues but with the added emphasis on those issues of importance to the LGBT community. Instant messaging, and email is available with other registered users.

In addition profiles are allowed a mirror on's professional networking site, which allows for job search (through an arrangement with along with the other features found on the social network.

PublicityEdit's launch in early 2007 received generally favorable coverage in internet focused media, with the caveat about competition from established sites and others still on the drawing board divvying up the niche market for potential LGBT users.[2]

In October 2007 received free publicity from an unlikely source, the United States military.[3][4] The advertising firm that handles the military's recruiting advertising inadventantly placed the ads on the site. The mainstream and LGBT press along with several comedians picked up on the gaffe of advertising to an audience that the U.S. military actively bars from joining through its Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.


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