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Gina Patrick was a fictional character on the long-running Channel 4 British television soap opera Hollyoaks.

She was played by actress Dannielle Brent between 1997-2001.

Character historyEdit

Gina arrived in the village with her mother Jill Patrick, brother Sol, and sister Kate. While all the family were loud and brash, Gina was a little different. Her nose and lip ring made her stand out from the crowd and her passion for the environment saw her become a bit of an eco-warrior. She was also very intelligent and did well at Hollyoaks Community College. She went up against her friend Emily Taylor for the editor of the college magazine, but she lost due to step sister Ruth Osborne's hostility towards her family. She even helped sister Kate exact her revenge on Ruth by standing by and watching her drink a drink spiked with laxatives.

Gina never had a serious boyfriend despite a willing admirer in Sol's friend Paul Millington. Although he was sweet and obviously adored her, Gina let him down gently. Her sexuality became a big issue, especially when she eventually came out as a lesbian with Emily as her girlfriend. Following Jill's death, Gina and Emily's relationship went downhill fast. Emily was caught cheating on her, and an upset Gina dumped her and moved back in with stepfather Jack Osborne. After struggling at college, Gina quit and decided to do volunteer work overseas at an orphanage and make her mother proud.

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