Genital reconstructive surgery refers to surgery performed on the genitals of infants, children, or adults for the purpose of correcting birth defects or other anatomic abnormalities, or for the purpose of transforming normal genitalia of one sex into genitalia resembling the other sex.

Reconstructive surgery to correct abnormalities of the genitalia is often performed in infancy, but may be performed at any age. It is discussed more fully as intersex surgery.

Reconstructive surgery performed at the request of transgender or transsexual people to transform anatomically normal genitalia of one sex to resemble those of the other sex is discussed elsewhere as sex reassignment surgery.

Reconstructive surgery at the request of circumcised persons, or persons who have sustained some other injury, to transform their genitalia to the normal genitalia of their own sex can also be performed. These surgical procedures include clitoral reconstruction, labia reconstruction, penis reconstruction, and foreskin restoration.

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