The Gay and Lesbian International Sport Association (GLISA) is an international gay and lesbian sport association. The focus of GLISA is developing gay and lesbian sport worldwide. GLISA does this through sanctioning world and continental games, creating a global calendar of GLBT sport events, fostering the creation of new GLBT federations, clubs and teams, supporting existing GLBT sport organizations, working in partnership with other sport organization to pursue this mandate, and providing the financial framework to support GLISA's global efforts.

GLISA was formed out of the Montreal 2006 Gay Games VII organizers. When the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) withdrew sanction of Montreal, because of a dispute of the size of the event; and reawarded Gay Games VII to Chicago, Montreal organizers vowed to continue nevertheless. Montreal found a that EGLSF was willing to sanction the event, and out of this sprung the new GLISA and the new sporting event, the World OutGames.

GLISA sanctioned the first edition of the World Outgames Montreal 2006.

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