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Gay Robot was originally a comedy bit on Adam Sandler's fifth album, Shh...Don't Tell. In the sketch, a group of friends are watching football when the neighbor calls to let them know that his invention, Gay Robot, is coming over. Gay Robot is very good with football statistics and is very horny because he doesn't know any other gay guys. The sketch consists of Gay Robot constantly trying to entice the others into homosexual acts with him. In 2006, Comedy Central filmed a pilot for a TV show based on the comedy bit, which has never aired. The robot, voiced by Nick Swardson, discovers he is gay after a wine cooler is spilled on him and fries his circuit board. The show is a Happy Madison production. Clips are available on YouTube, MySpace, and

Posters were also seen in the movie Grandma's Boy. It was shown as a new video game.

Nick Swardson has stated that a cartoon version of Gay Robot is in the works.

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