Gay Pimpin' with Jonny McGovern is a free gay- and lesbian-themed podcast originally based out of New York City then later moved to Los Angeles. The show began airing on January 15, 2006. It currently ranks the forth highest in popularity under the keyword "gay" on the iTunes music store and has five out of five stars. The show hit #1 in mid-2006 The show has ran for 6 years and had completed 9 seasons called “Cycles”. As of May 22, 2012 there are 227 episode listed on ITunes.

Cycles (Seasons) New York City Edit

  • Cycle 1: January 2006 - March 2006
  • Cycle 2: May 2006 - August 2006
  • Cycle 3: October 2006 - December 2006
  • Cycle 4: February 2007 - May 2007
  • Cycle 5: June 2007 - November 2007
  • Cycle 6: January 2008 - May 2008
  • Cycle 7: June 2008 - December 2008
  • Cycle 8: February 2009 - August 2009
  • Cycle 9: October 2009 - January 2010

Cycles (Seasons) Los AngelesEdit

  • Season 1: August 2010 - December 2010
  • Season 2: February 2011 - December 2011
  • Season 3: January 2012–Present

Regular features Edit

  • Spillin' the Tea (formerly The Five/Six): A rundown of activities McGovern and the cast have participated in, often glamorized.
  • Celebrity Donkey Punch : Headlines from the tabloids and pop culture news.
  • Music at Your Leisure: Featuring debuts of remixes of McGovern songs and tracks from podcast guests.
  • What Sophia Lamar Hates: A semi-regular rant on what the nightlife legend hates in gay culture and popular media, also featuring "Because You Asked Me", where Lamar answers fanmail from her website.

New York cast Edit

Jonny McGovern The host and Gay Pimp (daddy).
Linda James Jonny's "transgender identifying" co-host and a singer in the "tranny rap supergroup" La'Mady.
Martín Beauchamp The resident fruit fly, token heterosexual and self-proclaimed computer nerd.

LA castEdit

Jonny McGovern The host and Gay Pimp (daddy).
Julie Goldman Comedian, songwriter, Jew, and Butch lesbian, also McGovern's co-star on The Big Gay Sketch Show.
Michael Serrato Comedian and former cast member of The Big Gay Sketch Show, Serrato is a frequent correspondent, providing the Hollywood perspective on celebrity gossip.
Calpernia Addams Transgender actress and activist.
Brandy Howard Gorgeous, fashionable, pill popping, wine drinking Lesbian Lurker who is best friends with Julie Goldman
Nadya Ginsburg Comedian and gifted impersonator most known for her portrayal of Cher and Madonna and her work on Fashion Police.


Alessandra / Pom-pom Joining the cast in Cycle 3 of the podcast, Pom-pom is a New York University student who works for free as the show's intern. The episode on May 6, 2008 was Pom-pom's last episode.

Regular guests Edit

Erickatoure Aviance A transgender-identifying mulatto individual and member of La'Mady, Team PIMP and show performer.
Andy "Krunk" Jones aka Mother Krunk Sparkle Magick Originally hailing from Tennessee and mother of the (conceptual) House of Sparkle Magick. Krunk is a self-proclaimed (conceptual) double Dutch champion.
The Meesch! aka Kevin Kiss Jonny McGovern's boyfriend. He was formerly known as "The Moosch" but following a text edit mishap became "The Meesch." multiple appearances
Adam Joseph Soul hummingbird, singer-songwriter, producer and member of Jonny's TEAM PIMP whose recent single "Faggoty Attention" spent several weeks at #1 on Logo's music video charts.
Sophia Lamar An original club kid who expresses her views on what has irritated her lately. Until cycle 5, Sophia's rants were usually weekly. After cycle 5, Sophia's rants became monthly.
Maxine Inniss is an African-American woman who is one of Jonny McGovern's sources of "Black Lady Screamin'".
Davey Makeout A receptionist at the Mud Honey Beauty Salon in NYC. He is an American Idol junkie and was almost chosen for Project Runway 's third season.
Vanilla Makeout Davey's wife. She is the daughter of a Polish consular official, leading Davey to (erroneously) claim that he has diplomatic immunity.

Recurring characters Edit

These are characters, not celebrity impressions, who have appeared on the podcast more than once.

Joanie McGovern: Jonny's fictional Jewish and much older sister. She is from Mineola and speaks with an accent from that region.

Chocolate Puddin': An psychic, transvestite, prostitute, nanny and star of several fictional Blaxploitation films. {C}
{C}Waffles: The morbidly obese backup dancer for performer Jennifer Hudson.
Joanie, Puddin' and Waffles have joined together as singing group That Lady after Puddin' was refused admission to La'Mady. That Lady has had two songs appear on the podcast. McGovern brought Chocolate Puddin' to television in the first season of The Big Gay Sketch Show and Waffles appeared in season two.[1] Waffles premiered his debut single, "Eat That" (a parody of Janet Jackson's "Feedback"), on the February 25, 2008 episode.

Tranny-Tron 2000: The first ever transgendered identifying robot, built by Martín only to be smashed by Linda. Tranny-Tron 2000 begat Tranny-Tron 2001, who was also destroyed by Linda.

Numb Fat Tiger: A fictional tiger that eats human fat for sustenance and has an anesthetic bite.

Choo Choo: The fictitious security guard of the Gay Pimpin' warehouse. Described in cycle six as the "5am Waffles".

Jojo The F to M Penis, Made from a Clit: A talking penis formed from a clitoris during female to male gender reassignment surgery. Jojo performs consensual rape and sexually harasses or molests (consensually) lesbian and lesbro guests.

Moanie McGovern: Joanie's identical cousin, Moanie is an F2M transsexual undergoing hormone therapy. These treatments have made her very aggressive. She works as a bouncer at a number of local clubs.

Notable guests Edit

Kevin Aviance New York nightlife superstar, trend setter, and gay icon who sings the theme for "Spillin' The Tea." multiple appearances
Martha Wash Singer, song writer, and founding member of The Weather Girls (It's Raining Men) and voice several of 1990s dance anthems.
RuPaul Singer (Supermodel (You Better Work)), song writer, talk show host (The RuPaul Show), and gay icon.
Xander Fashion superfan and 'number one door bitch', Xander often stops by to give his opinion on celebrity fashions all while describing his own look in detail.
Blu Kennedy Noted adult film actor and go-go boy who has starred in several films.
Damon Demarco Porn star, go-go boy, blogger, and boyfriend of Hunter James.
Hunter James Porn star, go-go boy, blogger, and boyfriend of Damon Demarco. No relation to co-host Linda James.
KiKi Twins A New York City electronica-pop duo.
Robert W Richards An illustrator who has worked in many artistic genres, covering the New York, Paris, Milan and Los Angeles fashion collections for American newspapers. multiple appearances
Richard J. Alexander Entertainment Producer and Director of Barbra Streisand tours and Bette Midler's Kiss My Brass tour. Mentor to Jonny McGovern and producer of his first music video.
Calpernia Addams Transgender actress and activist. Appeared on the March 11, 2008 podcast.

References Edit

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