Gay Line is a Canadian LGBT non-profit organization. It was founded in 1976 by social workers and activists to provide advice and counseling to gay and lesbian people in Montreal.[1][2]

History Edit

Gay Line was founded in 1976 by social workers and activists who wanted to provide a helpline with information and advice to gay and lesbian people in Montreal.[1] It was part of what was called the "Gay Social Services Project" of the Ville Marie Social Services Centre and was staffed by volunteers and professional social workers, who offered counseling services.[2] In the early 1980s, a French language version of the helpline was formed in Quebec called Gai Écoute.[1][2] In the late 1990s, Gay Line widened its scope to include bisexual and transgendered people.[2]

Present day Edit

Today, Gay Line operates every night of the year as a general information and listening helpline for the LGBT community in Montreal.[3]

References Edit

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