for the Irish journal see Gay Community News (Dublin)

Gay Community News was a weekly journal published in Boston from 1973 to 1992. It was a radical LGBT periodical associated with wider leftist activism.

Founded as a local newsletter at the high point of radical "gay liberation" and lesbian feminist ideologies, the journal was soon expanded into a major newspaper with an international readership. The journal saw itself as part of a radical liberatory agenda debating feminism, antiracism, multiculturalism, class struggle, prisoners' rights, AIDS, and other causes.

The paper's political stance was reflected throughout its reporting. The journal often served as a place in which liberals and radicals in LGBT groups debated conflicting agendas. An article entitled Gay Revolutionary, published in 1987, led to claims from the conservative right that the journal promoted a "homosexual agenda" to destroy hetrosexuality and traditional values.[1]


  1. Rainbow alliance, The Gay Agenda: How The Conservative Religious Right Created a Lie

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