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The Gay & Lesbian Fund for Colorado is a program of the Gill Foundation, the LGBT foundation started by Tim Gill. The Gay & Lesbian Fund only gives grants to non-gay nonprofits in Colorado in one of four areas: arts and culture, civic engagement, public broadcasting, and healthy families. They are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and have been granting funds since 1996.

They recently used a campaign about a puppy that moos in Colorado Springs to start a discussion about whether people are born or choose to be gay.

Gay & Lesbian Fund Links

“Spare Us the Puppy Love.” The Advocate. August 28, 2008. (negative) [1]

Swanson, Perry. “A Different Voice in the Springs.” Colorado Springs Gazette. 07/08/2007 [2]

Swanson, Perry. “Moo Campaign Sets Off Sparks.” Colorado Springs Gazette. 07/12/2006 [3]

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