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The fifth GayFest took place between 19 and 24 May 2008.

Film festivalEdit

The 2008 film festival component of GayFest will be the largest to date, showcasing fifteen LGBT-themed films and documentaries from around the world. A few films from the 2007 festival will also be repeated. They are:

  • Finn's Girl (Canada, 2007)
  • Trembling before G-d (Israel/USA, 2001)
  • Un amour a taire (France, 2005)
  • The Gymnast (USA, 2006)
  • Les chansons d'amour (France, 2007)
  • Au-dela de la haine (France, 2007)
  • Monsieur Max (France, 2007)
  • The End of Second Class (Canada, 2005)

  • 533 Statements (Canada, 2005)
  • She's a Boy I Knew (Canada, 2007)
  • Heneini (USA, 2005)
  • Not That Kind of Christian!! (USA, 2007)
  • Daddy and the Muscle Academy (Finland, 1991)
  • Dos miradas (Spain, 2007)
  • Innocent (Canada/Hong Kong, 2005)

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