The Gaixample (gai, Catalan for gay, and Eixample, Catalan for "extension") is the nickname of a central area in Barcelona's Eixample district where, since the end of the 20th century, lots of gay shops, bars, discos and restaurants have appeared. Meanwhile, the gay population has risen enormously, because lots of members of the LGTB collective have settled in this area of the Catalan capital. This has made it an important attraction for gay tourism, mainly at night-time.

The Gaixample is bordered by the following streets: Balmes, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, Comte d'Urgell and Aragó. Carrer Diputació between the streets of Aribau and Villarroel has a greater density of gay business. Rainbow flags can be seen sometimes in this area.

Lately, a gay-friendly hotel has been opened in a building at the corner of Aribau and Consell de Cent.

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