The “G-Shot”, also known as a “G-Spot Augmentation”, is a procedure designed to temporarily increase pleasure in sexually active women with normal sexual function. The procedure involves increasing the size and sensitivity of the erogenous Gräfenberg spot, or G-Spot, in women.

Surgical proceduresEdit

The G-Shot is performed by first locating the Gräfenberg spot and noting measurements for future reference. After numbing the area with a local anesthetic, human engineered collagen is then injected directly under the mucosa in the area of the G-Spot.[1] With the exception of the numbing shot and the 28-gauge needle used to inject the collagen (the same gauge needle used for daily insulin shots), there are no other disturbances to the patient's body.[2] Doctors suggest that a patient wait 48 hours before resuming sexual activity. According to a retrospective review conducted by the Atlanta Center for Laparoscopic Urogynecology involving more than 50 patients, Dr. Robert D. Moore has found the G-Shot to be roughly 75% effective and last up to 4 months before the body completely absorbs the collagen.[3] This procedure is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration or the American Medical Association, and no peer-reviewed studies have been accepted to account for either safety or effectiveness of this treatment. Placebo effects are known to be very powerful in regard to sexual expectations ,[4] in which case the procedure may provide no benefit to the patient while exposing them to danger, due to the lack of study of the procedure.


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