Fulvia Celica Siguas Sandoval was a Peruvian transsexual woman. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, her gender reassignment therapy involved more operations than anyone else's, worldwide. She had 64 different operations since 1979, to change her physical sexual characteristics, or for cosmetic enhancements. Over 25 of these surgeries were on her face and neck; other changes include arm liposuction and transformations to her legs. Sandoval, who was on TV for practicing clairvoyance, hit the news in 1998, when she registered as a candidate in the mayoral elections in Lima, Peru. She reported to the news agency Reuters: "I have liked politics for a long time, but people like me have always been marginalized. Because I have been operated on, they think I am simply a queer."

She is regarded as being one of the first transsexuals in Peru and to have gained a Guinness World Record as the person having undergone the most plastic surgeries in the world.

Sandoval died on September 10, 2004, in her apartment in Jesus María, Lima, Peru.[1]


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