Fugues is a gay magazine, which publishes monthly in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, since the mid-1980s. The magazine is primarily in French, although some English content is published as well. It focuses on news related to LGBTcommunities, gay culture, nightlife, health, fitness, fashion, arts, and entertainment.

Yves Lafontaine is the Editor in chief, and he is supported by numerous and talented journalists, such as Eric Paquette, André C. Passiour, Michel Joanny-Furtin, and Denis-Daniel Boullé.

In common with most gay publications, it features a listing of locations in the current Quebec gay scene. It also features a popular horoscope column with a love twist, as well as softcore pornographic advertisements and a large directory section, including ads for massage and escort services, counselling services and phone lines. Fugues is published as a small format glossy magazine, similar in size and shape to a trade paperback book, and is distributed as a free publication in Montreal's Village gai and in other cities across Canada.

As regular contributors for the magazine, photographer Robert Laliberté and Montreal’s high camp drag queen Mado Lamotte are both part of Fugues’ eclectic panel of experts. The website for the magazine is divided into three sections (French version, English version, and lesbian version), and contains a good percentage of the print issue. Fugues is published by Éditions Nitram; its current editors are Réal Lefebvre and Maurice Nadeau.

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