Friðarbogin was the first organization working with the issues of homosexuals and bisexuals of the Faroe Islands. Friðarbogin was founded October 17th 2003. The main goal for the organization was to work for political, cultural and social liberation for homo- and bisexuals in the Faroe Islands. The original name of the organization was Ælabogin (the rainbow). Name change came after the orchestra Ælabogin asked Friðarbogin not to use the same name.

In November 2004 Friðarbogin joined the ANSO - Association of Nordic LGBT Student Organizations.

August 22nd-27th 2005 the first conference in ANSO, Canaries in the Coal Mines, was held in Tórshavn, Faroe Islands. The pan-nordig LGBT conference was hosted by ANSO, Friðarbogin and Bogin ending with the first Gay Pride Parade in the Faroe Islands. Key note speakers of the conference were amongst others: Judith Halberstam (US), Jens Rydström (SE), David Megathlin (US), Arthur Thiry (SE), Britta Swenson (SE), Don Kulic (SE),

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