Francis, born Francisco García Escalante, (April 6, 1958 – October 10, 2007) was a Mexican transvestite who was a famous actor and designer. Francis' birth name is Francisco, but she was better known plainly as Francis. It is unclear whether she actually had a sex change operation. In a sketch from the Mexican show, "Desde Gayola", she clearly states that rather than getting a sex change to cut "it" off, she prefers to enlarge "it," because it has become more popular for women to have a penis.

Born in in Campeche, Campeche, Mexico, Francis gained attention first as a vedette, participating at various clubs and theaters, with a transvestites' ballet. A Los Angeles theater, located in South Gate, California and named "Teatro Los Pinos", was without a doubt a home to the actor during the tour of her shows. She died due to a lung thrombosis in a Mexico City hospital on October 10, 2007. She was 49 years old. Francis was an actor, singer, dancer and phonomimic.[1]

In her theater or T.V. shows, Francis imitated famous Latin female singers such as Colombian Shakira, Spaniard Rocío Durcal and Mexicans Gloria Trevi, Alejandra Guzman, and Lupita D'Alessio.

Long-time friend and designer, Mitzi, credits Francis with helping him in time of need and helping to start his design empire.

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References Edit

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