Florin Buhuceanu (born in 1971) is a Romanian gay rights activist and the former executive director of ACCEPT, Romania's largest LGBT rights organisation. He is currently the vice-president of ACCEPT. While he was director at ACCEPT, the organisation organised the country's first LGBT pride festival, GayFest.

Buhuceanu is currently living with his partner, Raoul, who is from Spain. The two became the first couple in Romania to undergo a same-sex marriage ceremony, at the Metropolitan Community Church in Bucharest. The marriage does not, however, have any legal status, since Romania does not recognise same-sex marriage (see Same-sex marriage in Romania). Due to this, the couple intend marrying officially in Spain.[1]

Aside from his role as a gay rights activist, Buhuceanu is also the pastor of the Bucharest branch of the Metropolitan Community Church.[2]


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