Roberto Carlos Trinidad (aka Florencia De La V or Florencia De La Ve, previously known as Florencia de la Vega, born Roberto Carlos Trinidad on March 2, 1976 in Chaco Province) is an Argentina|Argentine transsexual actress and former magazine editor.[1]


De La V grew up with her father after her mother died of cancer. This caused a deep impact in De La V's life as well as in her father's. De La V began cross-dressing at the age of 17.

De La V enrolled in a university in fashion designing, and later took a job as a designer and as a promoter. She also worked at the popular Buenos Aires club "Tabaris", replacing Cris Miró, a well known transvestite, in the show. It was while working there that she became a vedette, catching the eyes of television and theater producer Gerardo Sofovich. She made her acting debut in the TV show Polémica en el Bar ("Controversy at the Bar").

De La V subsequently played small roles in many telenovelas and variety shows for Argentina's Telefe, but the show that made her an internationally known star has arguably been Los Roldán (2004), a sitcom that became a hit across South America and among digital television viewers in the United States. In Los Roldán, she plays "Raul Roldán", a transvestite who goes under the name "Laiza Roldán" when dressed as a woman.

De La V expressed that she felt a little uncomfortable at first with being given a job as a transvestite in the soap opera. Later on, however, she accepted the fact that her character shares some life characteristics with her, which made her more comfortable about playing "Laiza Roldán". She has said, however, that for her next roles, she would prefer to play a woman. After Los Roldán ended, Florencia De La V worked in Mar Del Plata.

In 1998 she met her current partner, dentist Pablo Goycochea, with whom she has plans to marry and adopt a baby.[2]

References Edit

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