In the field of textiles, fishnet is a material with an open, diamond shaped knit. Fishnet is most often used as a material for stockings, tights or bodystockings. Fishnet is available in a multitude of colors, though most often sported in traditional matte black. Fishnet is commonly worn on the legs and arms by practitioners of goth and punk fashion, but is also commonly worn in mainstream as a fashion statement. It is generally considered to be a sexy garment, and may be a component of sexual fetishism.

Fishnets are used mostly as a sort of undergarment, it defines curves by sticking close to the body, generally making the wearer look more muscularly defined.

Fetishism Edit

There is a large fetish community devoted to the sensual appreciation of fishnet and features in the work of fetish photographers like Trevor Watson and Doris Kloster, and models like Dita von Teese.

Literature and popular culture Edit

  • DC Comics features two superheroines who have incorporated fishnet stockings into their crime-fighting costume, Zatanna and Black Canary.
  • Cucumber Sandwiches & Fishnet Tights – A poem by Margaret Walker (2006)
  • The Stray Cats recorded a song entitled "Fishnet Stockings" on their European debut album in 1981.
  • Female ninjas in the popular manga and anime Naruto sometimes wear undershirts made of fishnet. One of them, Anko Mitarashi wears a fishnet not only on her legs but over her whole body, Temari, like Anko, has a full body suit of but her dress covers most of it, Yamanaka Ino wears fishnet bands on her arms and legs.
  • Some characters from Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja wear undershirts made of fishnet.
  • Nearly every major character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show is seen wearing fishnets one or more times during the film.
  • In the anime and manga One Piece the surgeon of the pirate crew Thriller Bark Dr. Hogback wears a fishnet shirt. His character and the whole Thriller Bark is based on horror movies, so he may be based on The Rocky Horror Picture Show itself (see above). Nico Robin in the Thriller Bark arc wears fishnet stockings. Kalifa of CP9 also wears fishnets, as well as Zambai of the Franky Family wears fishnets under his armor.
  • Fishnets are mentioned in the Arctic Monkey's song "Fluorescent Adolescent"
  • "Fishnet Inc" is a cast that performs live before and during the film "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" at the Naro Theater in Norfolk Virginia. It is named after the Fishnets worn in the movie.

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