Fine By Me is an organization in the United States with the mission to give voice to friends and supporters of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. The organization developed a project to print T-shirts with the words "gay? fine by me" and then worked with communities to distribute and wear the T-shirts to show acceptance and support for LGBT people and publicly demonstrate against homophobia.

The organization began at Duke University in spring 2003. The idea sprung from a dinner conversation between ten friends—both gay and straight. The group came up with the idea to distribute T-shirts with an anti-homophobic message and see how many students would wear them. In less than two weeks, the group distributed almost 2,000 T-shirts to students, faculty, and staff. Even the university president wore a T-shirt.

The idea continues to spread to schools all over the country, including to some conservative and religious places, such as the University of Notre Dame and Boston College. Fine By Me has distributed over 35,000 T-shirts to date. Since its founding, the organization has expanded the focus to include churches and synagogues, local civic groups, PFLAG chapters, businesses, and entire communities.

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