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FG DJ Radio (formerly Radio FG) is a French language radio station that started broadcasting from Paris, France on the 98.2 FM band. It is a radio station that exclusively broadcasts House, Techno, Dance and R'n'B music.

History Edit

Radio FG was founded in 1981 as a community radio rooted in the Parisian homosexual scene and in support of a homosexual community. The 'FG' initials were said to vary in meaning from "Fréquence Gaie" (Gay Frequency) to "Futur Génération" (Future Generation) to "Filles et Garçons" (Girls & Boys). During its initial four years of broadcasting, the station faced financial struggles as well as internal conflicts, but managed to survive. As time went by, the station facing an identity crises, distanced itself from its social activism and re-defined itself as a dedicated electronic music station.

In 2001 Radio FG abandoned its community radio status to become a private radio station. In September 2003 Radio FG became known as FG DJ Radio and broadened its spectrum of music to include R'n'B and Raï music.

Today, the station broadcasts in many Parisian suburbs as well as in Province. In September of 2004 the radio started a free webradio service called Underground FG.

The website now offers 6 different live streams: FG DJ Radio, Underground FG, Vintage FG, FG Chic, Energy Burnmix FG, and FG Dance by Hakimakli; along with a 6-hour-delayed stream of its main station called FG +6H.

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