Ester Goldberg (sometimes spelled "Esther") is a comedian/YouTuber. She is a widowed star of radio, cabaret and nightclubs as well as a former make-up artist, gossip columnist and music maven. She is a gossipy, scandalous Jewish-American princess with gigantic red hair, rhinestone glasses, and lots of jewelry.

The character originated in Washington, DC, where she hosted a variety of live shows including The Feud, Scream, Lose or Draw and the Las Vegas styled The Big Show. She came into the national spotlight when a rival nightclub and drag persona, Lena Lett, began hosting a game show similar to The Feud, which was at that time called "The Feygele Feud". A lawsuit was eventually brought to the federal courts, where Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson (who oversaw the break up of Microsoft) was assigned the case. The case was settled with Airington winning a payout of $1,500 and "JR's Bar and Grill" (where Goldberg was the appearing) purchasing the Feygele Feud name.[1] Airington now calls his show "The Feud". JR's Feygele Feud was canceled shortly thereafter due to poor attendance.

She is now based out of Hollywood, California.

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