The Equality Network is an Edinburgh based organisation which campaigns for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities in Scotland.


The organisation states its aims as follows;

"We do not seek to represent any community. Our aim is to be part of a broad movement for equal rights for LGBT people. We try to meet this aim by:

  • Consulting as widely as possible throughout Scotland on the planning and execution of campaigns.
  • Working with and helping other groups and individuals who are involved in different human rights campaigns.
  • Publishing and distributing proposals for change and developing them in response to feedback.
  • Lobbying and persuading national and local government, other public and private institutions, the media and the public in order to bring about change.
  • Encouraging and facilitating others to lobby and campaign for change."


The Equality Network has been involved in a number of campaigns such as that for an equal age of consent for gay men, that for the repeal of Section 28 and that for the passing of the Civil Partnership Act.

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