The Edinburgh LGBT Centre is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community centre located at 58a/60 Broughton Street, Edinburgh, Scotland.

The Centre was bought in 1974 by the Scottish Minorities Group, and remains the only LGBT-owned LGBT Centre in the UK. It is the oldest LGBT Centre in Europe.

The Centre consists of a street-level café and basement with offices and a meeting room. It is used by many LGBT community groups and organisations, including Pride Scotia Edinburgh.

Organisations with offices in The Centre:

  • Pride Scotia (Edinburgh): Organises Scotland's annual gay pride event every 2nd year in Edinburgh.
  • David and Joe Ltd : A website design company.
  • Café Nom De Plume : Opening at the end of May 2008.
  • Fitlads : A gay dating website.
  • Hostfife Ltd: A website hosting company.

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