East Central Mens Circle
MottoGay and bisexual men, establishing friendships, finding support & enjoying community
LocationHinckley, Minnesota

The East Central Mens Circle is an organization of gay and bisexual men in East Central Minnesota with more than 250 members and supporters.

Programs, functions, and actions of the Mens CircleEdit

The Mens Circle is a visible entity in East Central Minnesota. It lobbies for support of LGBT-positive bills and works to build an LGBT-friendly atmosphere in rural Minnesota. The organization is most notable for hosting East-Central Minnesota Pride, a gay pride held in Pine City, Minnesota each June since 2005.

History and leadershipEdit

The Mens Circle was established in 2000 by RAAN, which stands for Rural Aids Action Network. It has been meeting in Hinckley, Minnesota since then, although many of the active members of the group reside in the Cambridge and Pine City areas.


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