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A Double penetration dildo or double dildo is a sex toy that allows the double penetration of the anus and/or vagina. It is designed in the form of two penis-shaped stimulators that come separately or fixed on the single shaft. Double-ended dildos (shafts with two heads) are included also into this category. Some of them include vibrating motor that turns them into double penetration vibrators.


There are the following positions distinguished that can be performed with using double penetration dildos.

  • Vagina-to-vagina. Some women use double-ended dildos as part of their sex play. The double nature of the dildo allows double penetration in two vaginas and delivers a portion of pleasure for both partners.
  • Vagina-to-anus. The majority of double-penetration dildos are designed for simultaneous stimulation of anal and vaginal erogenous zones, but it in the case of elongated 'double-headed' devices it is possible for two partners to use the same device simultaneously. This can even be used for pegging, when a woman penetrates the anus of a man or another woman.
  • Anus-to-anus. All double-ended dildos can be used for anal penetration of both partners.

Simulated oral sex can also be performed on the dildo.


  • Double-ended dildo. Associated with lesbian love making devices, double-ended dildos are also used by heterosexual women for anal and vaginal simultaneous penetration. This dildo is usually made out of the soft flexible material (such as plastic or some form of rubber) that allows changing the shape of the shaft like the user wishes: to bend in the c-shape or to straighten it. In the past, though, they were often made of wood: Haberlandt (1899), for example, illustrates a straight double-ended dildo of this kind from late 19th century Zanzibar.
  • Anal and vaginal stimulators on the single shaft. These types of dildos or vibrators are intended for stimulating the user anally and vaginally. One shaft of the smaller length and width is attached to the other one that are both inserted stimulating anal and vaginal erogenous zones in a woman. In a vibrating sex toy there can be two motors in both shafts controlled together or separately.
  • Kits of two separate vibrators or dildo used simultaneously. There is a kit of vibrators and dildos that are not connected with each other or connected by a wire attached to the single control panel. They are used simultaneously or separately stimulating the erogenous zones of both partners. This type is more mobile and one can offer much more possibilities for love plays with or without partner(s).
  • U-Dildo


  • Gel. The most popular sex toy material that is convenient for designing any shape and texture of the shaft. It features a variety of colors, though gel tends to suffer discoloration over time.
  • Silicone. Dildos and vibrators made of this material are durable and feature excellent non-porous properties, so they are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Rubber. Many realistic dildos are made of rubber - a material that is both pliable and flexible enough for effective penetration.
  • Glass. Glass double-ended dildos are usually created with special original designs. Glass is a smooth and firm material that delivers a cool feeling when used. It can also be used chilled and warmed for different feeling. Dildos made of glass cannot be bent. Usually, glass dildos are made out of a special borosilicate type of glass, of which Pyrex, Schott-Duranglas and Simax are the most suited.
  • Plastic. This non-porous and phthalate-free material is often used for creating double-ended dildos.
  • Other. There are a variety of materials that are created on the basis of those mentioned above. Many of them are patented by the companies-manufacturers.


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  • Haberlandt, M. (1899). "Conträre Sexual-Erscheinungen bei der Neger-Bevölkerung Zanzibars", Zeitschrift für Ethnologie, 31: 668-670.

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