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Diana Hignutt is a transsexual American novelist of fantasy fiction.

As a result of the publication of her first novel, Moonsword, Ms. Hignutt has been interviewed on radio programs across the United States and on such national television shows as The O'Reilly Factor. Diana is married to her wife, Liz.


In the kingdom of Lorm, Prince Tolian is not only the realm's mightiest warrior, but he is also the direct heir to the throne. However, when a prophecy foretells the end of his world, he must consent to become transformed into a woman--the Champion, who alone can hope to stand against the coming evil. When the demon who would usher in Lorm's end enters the kingdom, Tolian agrees to shed his sex and gender for those of the Champion. After learning how to behave as a lady, the bold warrior woman perfects her magical powers as he seeks the fabled Moonsword, battling a mostrous horde of evil creatures before clashing with the demon itself.

Empress of CloudsEdit

In Empress of Clouds, the sequel to Moonsword, Prince Tolian, still a woman, is stripped of her magical powers and imprisoned by the forces of the powerful giant faerie warlord Dowbreth. Bereft of both her enchantments and the Moonsword, her only hope as she faces Dowbreth is to recover the fabled sword.

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