EditorKarl Andersson
FrequencyTwice a year
First issue2006
CountryCzech Republic

Destroyer is a Swedish-based gay magazine published by Karl Andersson, containing features, photos, essays, interviews, reviews, columns, culture articles and fiction. Unlike most gay magazines, it focuses exclusively on boys and younger men, who, says the editor, were once a part of gay culture, but have vanished in recent years.

Destroyer is the brain child of Karl Andersson, a Swedish magazine professional. In 1999 he headed Straight, Sweden's first glossy gay magazine, and he has since then worked for Aftonbladet, Sweden's biggest daily, Slitz, the biggest men's magazine in Scandinavia, and forIDG Sweden. He has a bachelor of arts degree in language consultancy and lives in Berlin.

The magazine is printed and officially published in the Czech Republic, but distributed globally through its website, It contains no nude boys under 18, and is legal in all countries where homosexuality is legal. It has received a lot of criticism from the media and child-protection professionals for allegedly "sexualizing" children, but Andersson has been quick to defend his publication and gives interviews to argue against his critics.

Destroyer is sometimes called "Destroyer Magazine", "Gay Magazine Destroyer", "twink magazine Destroyer" and even "pederast magazine Destroyer". The correct title is Destroyer – Journal of Apollonian Beauty and Dionysian Homosexuality.

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