Denise/Dennis Bryson is a fictional DEA agent in the American television series Twin Peaks. The role was played by David Duchovny, who would later go on to play another more famous agent: Special Agent Fox Mulder of the FBI in The X-Files. The character’s binary identity reflects the dualistic leitmotif of the series.

It is unclear from the series whether Bryson would self-identify as a cross-dresser, a transvestite or transgender. Bryson began wearing women's clothing during a DEA undercover operation and found that it relaxed him. Bryson identifies as "Denise," wears women's clothing and presents female behavior during working hours and otherwise. When required for a sting operation, Bryson dons a man's suit and goes by "Dennis."

Bryson comes to Twin Peaks when Dale Cooper is accused by the Mounties and the FBI of misfeasance for his handling of the rescue of Audrey Horne from One Eyed Jacks and the alleged theft of cocaine from an RCMP stakeout. Cooper quickly determines that the "Mountie" accusing him is himself involved in drug dealing with Jean Renault and Hank Jennings. This leads to the stakeout at Dead Dog Farm, in which Bryson's "feminine side" allows her to effect the rescue of Agent Cooper.

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