Deborah Ombres (born Javier Díaz, Valladolid, Spain 1976) is a drag queen, conductor and Actor. Díaz moved to Madrid to study theatre, dance and martial arts, and started working in theatres with Mamá, quiero ser drágstica (Mummy, I want to be a drag queen) before starting to work for the Spanish division of MTV, MTV Spain in MTV Hot. Díaz has worked in other TV shows: La Selva de los Famosos, CQC and Rompecorazones.

Díaz's stage name, Deborah Ombres, is a play on words in Spanish. It plays on the fact that a) Spanish does not distinguish between the pronunciation of the "b" and the "v"; and b) the "h" is silent. Thus the name Debora is pronounced the same as "Devora" (devours) and "Hombres". Translated to English, the name is pronounced, literally, "Devours Men"

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