David Atlanta
EditorMike Fleming
CategoriesGay press
First issueOctober 1998
CompanyWindow Media
CountryUnited States

David Atlanta magazine was an Atlanta, Georgia-based weekly periodical written for the gay community. It is owned by gay press publisher Window Media, a subsidiary of Avalon Equity Partners.

The magazine wass distributed free of charge at LGBT-friendly businesses in 38 cities in Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Alabama, and Louisiana.

History Edit

Founded in October of 1998, David was founded to serve as an entertainment and lifestyle magazine for the Southeastern United States.

In 2003 the publication was bought by United Media, publisher of the Express Gay News in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Southern Voice in Atlanta, the Washington Blade in Washington, D.C., and Genre Magazine.

In 2005, United Media owner, Avalon Equity Partners, folded the publication into its Window Media subsidiary.

In November 2009, the magazine and its sister newspaper were shut down because of the financial status of its parent company, Window Media and its majority stockholder, Avalon Equity Fund.

Maximillian Corwell, former Editor-in-Chief and co-owner, and Tom Dibble Dempsey, Digital Media Manager, stepped down from the company in 2012.

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