Danny La Rue, OBE was born on 26 July1927) as Daniel Patrick Carroll in County Cork, his family lived in Horgan's Buildings, Magazine Road, Cork City Ireland.


He served in the Royal Navy as a young man following his father's steps, but he became famous as a female impersonator (or "comic in a frock" as he preferred to be called) in England and was featured in theatre productions, and in film, television, and records.

He was made an OBE in the 2002 Queen's Birthday Honours List.

Among his impersonations were celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Marlene Dietrich, and Margaret Thatcher. At one point he had his own nightclub in Hanover Square, and also performed on London's West End. In the 1960s he was among England's highest-paid entertainers.

In 1982 he played 'Dolly Levi' in the famous musical Hello, Dolly!, and he is still a regular performer in traditional Christmas pantomime shows in Britain. He appeared as himself in Mr. Bean.

For most of his career, Danny implied that beneath his costume he was a "normal" heterosexual man. Unlike many drag performers, he would always perform parts of his show in men's clothes, and was often seen out of costume on television. More recently, he has been more candid about his private life and the fact that he is gay. Danny lived for many years with his partner and manager, Jack Hanson, until his death in Australia following a major stroke.

Most recently, he suffered a mild stroke and thus all planned UK performances for 2006 were cancelled.

Actual Year of Birth?Edit

On 8 March 2007, while paying tribute to the late John Inman on BBC TV News 24, La Rue stated that he was in his "eightieth year".


Danny La Rue was the inspiration for the character Danny the Street — a sentient, transvestite street — in Grant Morrison's comic book Doom Patrol. "La Rue" is French for "the Street".

He used to own the Swan at Streatley hotel in the 1970s.

He made a guest appearance in a Mr. Bean episode.


  • Every Day's a Holiday (1965)
  • Our Miss Fred (1972)


  • La Rue, Danny - From Drags to Riches: My Autobiography - Viking, 1987
  • Underwood, Peter - Life's a Drag!: Danny La Rue and the Drag Scene - Leslie Frewin Publishers, 1974

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