Daniel MacIvor (born 23 July 1962) is a Canadian Actor, playwright, theatre director and film director. He was born in Sydney, Nova Scotia and educated at Dalhousie University in Halifax, and then at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario.[1]

MacIvor formed the theatre company da da kamera in Toronto - in residence at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre - for whom he has written, directed, and acted. He is now one of Canada's best known playwrights. His plays include Never Swim Alone, This is a Play, Monster, Marion Bridge, You are Here, Cul-de-sac, and A Beautiful View. Five of MacIvor's plays were published as I Still Love You in 2006, in celebration of the twentieth anniversary of da da kamera, (Never Swim Alone, The Soldier Dreams, You Are Here, In on It, and A Beautiful View, and won MacIvor a coveted Governor General's Award for Drama.[2]

Recently, MacIvor has written, co-written and directed several independent films, which are usually made in his home province of Nova Scotia. They include Past Perfect, Marion Bridge, Whole New Thing and Wilby Wonderful. His appearances include The Five Senses.

Solo Shows Edit

MacIvor is particularly well known for a series of solo shows created in collaboration with director Daniel Brooks[citation needed]. These include House, Here Lies Henry, Monster and Cul-de-sac. These incorporate a minimalist and meta-theatrical style. In House and Here Lies Henry, MacIvor portrays one character who speaks directly to the audience, acknowledging their presence. While the direct address of the audience continues in Monster and Cul-de-sac, MacIvor portrays several characters throughout the course of the piece and this direct address is occasionally broken up by dialogue between these characters.

The first three of these pieces were staged at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in the 2006/2007 season as part of a tribute and retrospective of da da kamera's work.[3]

List of WorksEdit

See Bob Run (1989), da da kamera, directed by Ken McDougall

Yes I Am and Who Are You? (1989), Buddies in Bad Times, directed by Edward Roy

Wild Abandon (1990), Theatre Passe Muraille, directed by Vinetta Strombergs

Somewhere I Have Never Travelled (1990), Tarragon Theatre, directed by Andy McKim

Never Swim Alone (1991), da da kamera, directed by Ken McDougall

2-2 Tango (1991), Buddies in Bad Times, directed by Ken McDougall

Jump (1992), Theatre Passe Muraille, directed by Daniel Brooks

This is a Play (1992), da da kamera, directed by Ken MacDougall

The Lorca Play (1992), da da kamera, co-directed by MacIvor and Daniel Brooks

In On It (2000), Edinburgh Festival, directed by MacIvor

Cul-de-Sac (2003), da da Kamera, directed by Daniel Brooks

A Beautiful View (2006), da da kamera

How It Works (2007), Tarragon Theatre


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