Norman "Dack" Rambo (born November 13, 1941, Earlimart, California – died March 21, 1994, Delano, California) was an American actor, most notable for appearing as Walter Brennan's grandson Jeff in the ABC television series The Guns of Will Sonnett, as cousin Jack Ewing on CBS's Dallas, and as Grant Harrison on the NBC soap opera Another World. He also starred on All My Children as Steve Jacoby, and in the CBS Gunsmoke spin-off, Dirty Sally starring Jeanette Nolan.

He had a twin brother, Dirk Rambo, who died in a road accident in 1967.[1]

While working on the soap opera Another World in 1991, Rambo learned that he was infected with HIV. He quit the series shortly thereafter, and retired from acting. Rambo then publicly announced that he was HIV positive, and also revealed that he was bisexual.

On a September 20, 1992, episode of The 700 Club, the actor recounted how actress Loretta Young recognized the Rambo twins' on-screen talents, and promoted them on her short-lived CBS series The New Loretta Young Show from 1962-1963. When asked how the actor had become infected with HIV, Rambo stated that even if the carrier, "male or female", were confronted, it was a moot point.

Rambo campaigned for AIDS awareness until his death at the age of fifty-two of complications from AIDS.

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