Cristina E. Martinez (born November 12, 1961 in San Angelo, Texas) is a nationally recognized community activist, business owner and non-profit volunteer and the CEO of Mad Clik, Inc., a commercial printing company in Texas. Openly lesbian,[1] she is the owner and publisher of Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Pages,[2] President of MD Marketing & Advertising and co-owner of Rainbow Graphics, a graphic design firm whose focus is to produce effective ad campaigns that cater to and target the GLBT community.

She serves on the boards of the following organizations: UNID@S, a Latin@ GLBT non-profit national group, Houston Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, GALLO,[3] Gay And Lesbian Latin Organization which she co-founded, Houston Black Tie Dinner, Inc., Executive and Professional Association of Houston EPAH, and several other organizations in which she serves as a volunteer. She is also a member of HRC (Human Rights Campaign) as well as a Federal Club Member.

The success of her directory has made her a household name in Texas and many articles and stories have been written about her and her publications. Logo TV did a story about her on their show US of Ant regarding her decision to bring home and adopt a 16 year old mixed race teen who found himself homeless after his family discovered he was gay.

Her multiple businesses have received several awards from organizations and other businesses. Most of her awards are for her directories, Gay & Lesbian Rainbow Pages and for her contributions as a business and as an individual to several non-profit organizations in Texas. For the last three years, she has been named "Female Business Woman of the Year" by OutSmart Magazine readers in Houston, Texas. She has also been enrolled full-time as a student at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, Online Division where she maintains a 3.2 GPA.

Martinez is also a writer and several of her short stories and award-winning poetry have been published nationally.

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