Conditions (full title:Conditions: a feminist magazine of writing by women with a particular emphasis on writing by lesbians) was a lesbian feminist literary annual founded in 1976 in Brooklyn, New York by Elly Bulkin, Jan Clausen, Irena Klepfisz and Rima Shore.[1]

Publishing Collective Edit

Conditions was a magazine which emphasised the lives and writings of lesbians, and, throughout its history, the magazine maintained an all-lesbian collective.[2] This collective expressed a "long standing commitment to diversity; of writing style and content and of background of contributors," within the lesbian and feminist communities.[3] Conditions was especially dedicated to publishing the work of lesbians, in particular working class lesbians and lesbians of color.[2][3]

The Black Women's Issue Edit

The journal's fifth issue, published in November, 1979, was edited by Barbara Smith and Lorraine Bethel. Conditions 5 was "the first widely distributed collection of Black feminist writing in the U.S.",[1] and was later to be the basis for the anthology Home Girls, one of the first books released by Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press.[1] Conditions 5: The Black Women's Issue was hugely popular, and set a record in feminist publishing by selling 3000 copies in the first three weeks it was available.[4]

Publication ceases Edit

Conditions ceased publication in 1990.[2][5]

Conditions EditorsEdit

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Conditions ContributorsEdit

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