The Coalition for Positive Sexuality (CPS) is a self-described "guerrilla sex education" group, created by gay rights organizations ACT-UP, Queer Nation and others.

  • "BDSM is a combination of three terms: BD (Bondage & Discipline), DS (Dominance & Submission), and SM (Sadism & Masochism). BDSM includes a wide range of activities involving safe, sane, consensual playing with erotic power. BDSM is NOT about abuse. Everyone involved understands and plays by the rule."
  • More useful advice for teens from these very thoughtful people:

- get into role play (for instance, tie someone up and pleasure them) ...

- look at sexy pictures and videos ...

- make up or act out fantasies, talk dirty, dress up, strip down, or cross-dress (dressing in the clothes of the other gender) ...

- use cock rings, nipple clamps (or clothespins), or vibrators on your own or someone else's body ...

- cum on someone's belly, back, feet, chest –instead of in them ...

- play with your own or someone else's ass or vagina, put your fingers, dildoes, vegetables, or buttplugs into them."

  • "Intercourse is when something (a dick, finger, dildo, cucumber, whatever) penetrates your butt, which is ANAL SEX, or your vagina, which is VAGINAL SEX. Both women and men can enjoy anal intercourse."
  • Before leaving the CPS web site, do a Search on abstinence. You will learn that it is ineffective and "that there are a bunch of very conservative and fanatically religious people who are spreading lies about safe sex."
  • "If you think you might be queer, relax!" the CPS web site urges teens, and offers this suggestion: "If you think you are queer, try to find a lesbian/bisexual/gay/transgender community center near you, where you can meet other queers your age."
  • "Our philosophy is, if we offer teens the information they need, along with the message that they should treat themselves and one another with respect, that they are capable of making wise decisions regarding sexual activity," CPS member Davis Schlossman said. (Washington Times)
  • CPS is strongly pro-choice, as evidenced by statements like: " Abortion is a simple medical procedure which ends a pregnancy. Throughout history, around the world, and in many religions, women have used abortion as a part of our healthcare. Not all women think abortion is cool for themselves, but all women have the right to make this choice."
  • The language of the CPS site is intentionally colloquial, preferring "dick" to "penis" and "cum" to "orgasm" in its discussions of sex.

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