Chrystos (born 10 December 1946) is a Menominee (Native/First Americans) poet and rights activist. Prior to being published, she worked as a home caretaker and an activist for mountain and Leonard Peltier.

Life and careerEdit

Born in San Francisco, United States, she is a Lesbian and Two-Spirit identified writer who focus on themes revolving around the violence that adjoins everyday life in many urban areas.[1] She also tries to incorporate an awareness of universal currents in her works, introducing a diverse mixture of characters and ideas. Her first published work, Not Vanishing concentrates on a Native American woman and environment she returns to after work, a life shielded from mainstream cultural understanding.


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  1. Sorrel, Lorraine, Not Vanishing. Off Our Backs. Washington: Mar 31, 1989. Vol.19, Iss. 3.

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