Christopher Street
Christopher Street #1, cover dated July 1, 1976
Editor-in-ChiefCharles L. Ortleb
CategoriesMen's magazine
First issueJuly 1, 1976
Final issue
— Number
December 1, 1995
Vol 19 No 4
CompanyThat New Magazine Inc
CountryUnited States

Christopher Street was a gay-oriented magazine published in New York City, New York. Known both for its serious discussion of issues within the gay community and its satire of anti-gay criticism, it was one of the two most-widely read gay-issues publications in the United States.[1] [2] The magazine featured original fiction from such notable authors as Andrew Holleran as well as emerging new gay writers. First published in July of 1976, Christopher Street printed 231 issues before closing its doors in December of 1995.


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