Christianbrunn Brotherhood is (or was) a small gay men's religious organization based in Pitman, Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. It was established in 1987 by Johannes Renatus Zinzendorf (chief councilman as of 2002), inspired by the example of Christianspring, an 18th-century all-male settlement of Moravians in what is now Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Unlike the Christainspring founders, however, the Christianbrunn Brotherhood considers itself as "Spiritual Atheist" (a stance much more akin to mystical deism).

The organization maintains three main tenets:

  1. Life is all there is–there is nothing else before, beyond, or after this life. All morality, aesthetics, and ethics derive from that fact.
  2. Stewardship is critical–the Earth is finite so the Brotherhood assumes the role of caretakers for wise management of its limited resources to meet basic needs of food, shelter, education, and freedom for all.
  3. As gay men, they look upon semen as the essence of life and the erect phallus as the giver of semen.

As of 2002, the Christianbrunn Brotherhood is based at The Hermitage (located in Pitman), a "working farm and retreat center where people come for limited periods of time to contemplate the meaning of their existence. These summer residences are free in exchange for a limited amount of daily work, which is part of the stewardship.[1]"


  1. Homosexually oriented churches

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