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Cheer, Dorothy, Cheer! is an American non-profit organization based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The organization was founded by 3 gay men in 2002 "to help promote diversity, HIV/AIDS awareness and raise money" for other non-profit organizations.

The performance group has grown to six: Shayne, Carlos, Nate, David, Dennis and Marc. They perform in cheerleader costumes with each costume highlighted by one of the colors of the Rainbow Flag, (purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red). The routines are highly choreographed numbers in the style of female competitive cheerleaders or dancelines, generally set to campy or iconically gay musical numbers (such as Britney Spears) and often interspersed with memorable quotes from The Wizard of Oz and other movies. The group frequently performs at gay and AIDS related events in the upper midwest. A portion of funds raised at performances are donated to organizations "that promote gay, lesbian and transgender diversity as well as AIDS awareness" with a primary recipient being Park House, an HIV day-clinic.

While the men wear costumes styled after typical female cheerleader outfits (including miniskirt and pom-poms), they are not female impersonators or drag queens. They make no effort to hide the fact that they are male (several wear goatees or other facial hair).

In addition to campy dance and musical performances referencing gay icons at events from Milwaukee's Pridefest[1][2] to the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Pride Parade[3][4] the troupe also hosts community events including emceeing trans and genderqueer events,[5] headlining the National Coming Out Week Annual Gender-Bender Drag Show at Minnesota State University[6] and the Minnesota Red Ribbon Ride AIDS fundraiser.[7]

In 2007 Cheer, Dorothy, Cheer! registered as a non-profit and received a Lavender Pride Award for "bringing laughter and awareness about issues of HIV and diversity."[8]

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