Chapinero Alto (best known as "Gay Hills" or ChapiGay) is a neighborhood in the Chapinero section of northern Bogotá, Colombia. The area was once one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the Colombian capital but fell into urban decay over the last half of the 20th century. In the 90s, several Bohemian writers, artists, and gays and lesbians have moved into the neighborhood transforming it into an urban progressive enclave. The neighborhood has begun to turn around to become one of the more hip, trendy areas in Bogota. Gay bars and funky cafes have begun to sprout around in every corner in Chapinero Alto.

Chapinero Alto has become a mecca for Colombian gays and lesbians who now flock to the city and settle in the neighborbood from every region in Colombia forming a gay village that has started to become as famous as the gay villages in the other three premier gay meccas in South America, notably Buenos Aires in Argentina and São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil.

Among the bars and restaurants located in the area we can find:

La Calle 59 Nº 13 - 22, tel 249 49 98. Always free cover and open daily.

Theatron: ( in Chapinero, Calle 58 Nº 10 - 42, tel 249 20 92, huge disco with several floors.

Lottus: part of the Theatron complex is for men only.

Cafe Village: Cra 8 Nº 64 - 29, tel 346 65 92 Friendly cafe - one of the first gay establishments in town.

Bianca: Calle 72 Nº 16 - 48.Mostly women.

Centro Comunitario LGBT de Bogota. First and most active LGBT community center located in the heart of Chapinero. Drop by at Calle 66 No. 9a-28 Tel. 249 0049.

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