Changing Times (film)
Directed byAndré Téchiné
Produced byPaulo Branco
Written byAndré Téchiné
Laurent Guyot
Pascal Bonitzer
StarringGérard Depardieu
Catherine Deneuve
Gilbert Melki
Malik Zidi
Lubna Azabal
Music byJuliette Garrigues
CinematographyJulien Hirsch
Edited byMartine Giordano
Distributed byKoch-Lorber Films (U.S.)
Release dateJuly 14, 2006 (U.S.)
Running time95 minutes

Changing Times (Les temps qui changent) is a 2004 Morocco-set drama featuring Catherine Deneuve and Gérard Depardieu and directed by André Téchiné.

Depardieu plays a construction engineer, Antoine, who goes to Morocco to oversea a new project and catch up with the woman he loved 30 years ago, played by Catherine Deneuve.



Antoine, a hard-driving engineer, has literally counted the time (31 years 8 months 20 days) since he last saw Cécile (Deneuve). He has spent years tracking down his ex-lover and has even investigated the possibility of using witchcraft to pave the way for a reunion.

Cécile, meanwhile, has married a much younger doctor, Nathan, and hosts a French-Moroccan radio show in Tangier. Antoine arrives in Tangier to oversee construction of a media center. He anonymously sends a bouquet of roses to Cécile at the radio station. The bouquet arrives just as the station broadcasts a song containing the lyrics "we remember nothing." Cécile tosses the roses into the trash without giving them a second thought.

Antoine and Cécile are eventually reunited in a Tangier supermarket. Antoine walks into a door, smashing his nose, and Nathan — who is shopping with Cécile — rushes over to administer first aid.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Cécile's bisexual son Sami has unexpectedly arrived in Tangier, accompanied by his live-in girlfriend Nadia and her 9-year-old son Said. Nadia hopes to reconnect with her twin sister Aica, a man-hating observant Muslim who works in a Tangier McDonald's.

Nadia has an addiction to tranquilizers, though, and Sami often leaves a sedated Nadia to engage in trysts with his Moroccan boyfriend Bilal.



Dialogue is in French and Arabic, with English subtitles in the United States.

Though the film's initial release was in December 2004, its regular release in the U.S. wasn't until mid-July 2006, when it opened at the Paris Theatre in Manhattan.


Bilal (addressing Sami): "You're too indecisive, but I guess that's normal. You're half Moroccan, half French, half man, half woman. It must be difficult knowing who you are."


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