The Center for Black Equity (known until 2012 as International Federation of Black Prides) is a coalition of Black gay pride organizers formed to promote a multinational network of LGBT/SGL (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender/Same Gender Loving) Prides and community-based organizations.

As IFBP Edit

The International Federation of Black Prides was organized during DC Black Pride of May 1999 by a coalition of Black Pride organizers representing Chicago, North Carolina, New York, Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Washington, DC. The coalition saw a need to organize the twenty plus Black Prides in the United States and abroad for the purpose of developing sponsorship strategies, providing technical assistance, networking, mentoring, and supporting one another. IFBP acquired its IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit status in November 2004.

A sponsorship plan to attract funding for member Black Pride organizations was in development as of 2012. Sponsors will have a presence at all IFBP events and will allow member organizations to grow without the consequence of overcharging Pride attendees. In addition, IFBP is working towards developing a magazine for members and respective communities.

As the CBE Edit

In 2012, the IFBP Board of Directors voted to re-brand and restructure the organization as the Center for Black Equity. While it continues to serve as a coalition for organizers of Black LGBT pride celebrations, the CBE now branches out to promoting social justice outreach to Black LGBT populations. Earl Fowlkes, the founder and president of the IFBP since 1999, remains president as CEO of CBE. CBE now serves as a membership-supported organization supported by member organizing committees of local pride celebrations.

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