Rev Elder Cecilia Eggleston from January 2003 served the gay affirming Metropolitan Community Church in Europe and Africa, as Elder serving the denomination's Region 4, resigning in 2006. Prior to that Eggleston served as Coordinator of MCC's European District from November 1997.

Having co-founded Living Springs Metropolitan Community Church in Bath, England, Rev Eggleston has ministered within the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities for over fifteen years.

Rev Eggleston was ordained as clergy within the Metropolitan Community Church in 2004 and lives in Bath, Somerset with her partner Monica.

In January 2006, Rev Eggleston announced that she would be standing down as the Elder serving Region 4 from 30 September 2006. MCC Region 4 elected a new Elder, the Rev. Glenna T. Shephard, at the Regional Conference held in Hanover Germany in September 2006.

Rev Eggleston now serves as interim Pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of Newcastle.

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