Cavalcade of Boys is a graphic novel by Tim Fish, featuring the lives and loves of several gay characters in America.

The narrative style is realistic, poignant, sometimes harsh with dry humor, sometimes sad, sometimes poetic and romantic. The characters are memorable, the dour, undecided and demanding Tighe, the impulsive, intense and sensitive Warren, his freaky stalker Andy, the twink-obsessed Stanley, not-so-sugary daddy Gordon, Tommy the whorish boy, the navy boy Eddie,the long-time couple Dave and Langley, and the quirky triangle of the "house of boys", Eric, Sam and Micah. Not to mention Murphy Mitchell, everyone's favorite ex, "Let's Party" Marty, and Todd, the boy whose phone could never call.

These true-to-life characters coping with unrequited love, life's crazy jokes and the search of a true lover are drawn in a stylized and very personal graphic style, somewhere between Erik Larsen and Dan DeCarlo.

Publishing historyEdit

Cavalcade of Boys started as a 9-issue series, published by Tim Fish between 2002 and 2004. It was then collected in three books the following year, and finally in a 550-page graphic novel in 2006.

Fish started an all-new, full-page weekly version of Cavalcade in Boston's LGBT newspaper, "Bay Windows", in summer 2007. The series is stand-alone from the graphic novel, but includes some familiar characters.

A French version is also published by H&O Editions.

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